It’s Mental Health Month (well, it’s almost over…) and I did something I have been putting off. I do this a lot, just hoping that the problem/task/situation will just go away. Pro tip: it doesn’t.

I went back to the clinic where I had therapy last year. I stopped because I felt like it wasn’t working. I felt more anxious about the actual appointment than I did about my issues at the time.

But now I realize I need a little more help. I talked with a patient care coordinator and we discussed some options, since I was reluctant to get back into “regular” therapy. I decided to go with DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and to see a psychiatrist to make sure the medications I am on are the right fit.

To be honest, I am nervous about going back to therapy, even if it will be a little different than before. I feel like I’m whining about trivial things when I see a therapist. Like I shouldn’t be worrying about this crap because there are more important things in the world.

I did some research today (I figured this was safe to google, unlike some of my other symptoms…) and I feel a little better about the DBT. I’ve also been looking up what to talk about in therapy, since the last time I went, I just felt like I was repeating the same few things week after week.

Another thing I found while I was googling was something called a Perceived Stress Scale. So I answered the questions (ten total) and my score was 33 out of 40. That’s…not good. I’m really hoping that after a few months of therapy I will see that score go down.

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