Catching Up

Since my last post (which was a really long time ago, wow), I turned 32, My kids started summer break, I met a guy, Summer Session started (math is no joke), and my grandma passed away.

Drawing is from the Pigment app. I just colored it.

Last Tuesday, I had the first appointment with a new therapist. There were countless questions and the hour didn’t seem long enough. In the end, he wasn’t sure if I was a good enough candidate for DBT. I found out that I am, and I scheduled appointments through the beginning of August. Next week, we will do more paperwork and assessments, and set up group therapy appointments.

In the session, I was given three more diagnoses, which he added were provisional upon further testing. I am not going to discuss them just yet, as I want to get more information first. I will say I was surprised at one of them.

I suppose I should get back to working on my homework. I only have two days to get an entire chapter’s worth of work done.

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